Sunday, July 13, 2008

Health Effects of Unseen Villains

Shatabdis are prestigious trains in the Indian network. The one which runs between Amritsar and New Delhi is a popular one for the industrious people from this part of the country. That is why cockroaches in catered food on this train over the second week-end of July 2008 have made it to the front pages of major newspapers.

Professionally-run restaurants go to great extents to keep large pests from public view. A surprise visit, especially in the dark, to the kitchen of the most expensive dining establishment, could spring some nasty surprises. Many homes have crawling insects and mites infesting kitchens, bathrooms, and walls.

Most people are more concerned with large pests which they can see. Awareness levels in respect of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and fungi, are rare. This is an irony because microbes can cause more serious illnesses than the ones carried by cockroaches and other pests of this genre.

Infection-control professionals need comprehensive systems to keep all areas and surfaces under their charges free from infectious transfers. We cannot afford to limit control measures only to visible pests. The SomGuard system addresses all infection control needs.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back to Health Basics with MRSA

We learn the Theory of Natural Selection about a decade before the first microbiology lesson. It is therefore an irony that resistant pathogens should strike at the zenith of a professional career.

MRSA is a badge of cleanliness and hygiene. You will not find this adaptive bacteria in garbage heaps. It grows where its peers cannot. Are the best hospitals doomed to be struck down by MRSA sooner or later?

Darwin had no modern infection-control agents and systems at his disposal. How many bouts of diarrhea, fever, rashes, and other illnesses must this adventurous European have encountered on his trans-continental voyages?

Make no mistake. Past times were much easier for infection-control professionals. Daily, widespread, and intense interchanges between communities and races are now facts of life. Health care provider or beneficiary, every person and everything that enters a hospital is a treasure-trove of pathogens. It is not one-way traffic. You get as good as you give. Who knows the origins and transmission-cycles of hospital-acquired infections?

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